Ltda., Will maintain an adequate balance between the sustainable development of its forestry activities, socioeconomic development and the protection of the environment, committing itself to compliance with the following principles:

  • Care of the channels, protection and maintenance of the adjacent flora and fauna.
  • Respect current national legislation.
  • Use in a rational and sustainable way the water resources it uses
  • Promote citizen participation in environmental issues
  • Protect environmental resources in their distribution, quantity, quality and diversity.
  • Repair, mitigate or compensate for any environmental damage that may be caused.
  • Prevent environmental damage.
  • Gradualism and continuous improvement in the management of water resources.

Compañía Agrícola Forestal El Álamo Ltda. Has a sustainable development model, whose production process actively encourages the improvement of the environment and the harvest of plantations, generating employment in the neighboring rural community and producing long-term profitability in low-productivity agricultural areas.



Since its inception, the company has prepared and carried out activities, reports and studies with the purpose of monitoring the changes that may occur in relation to silvicultural, environmental and socioeconomic aspects.

This has contributed to the development of a complete monitoring system for each area, forming the Company’s Comprehensive Management Plan. This system, in its definition, considers the variables to be measured, the intensity and frequency of the measurements, the monitoring methodology to be applied, the periodic review mechanisms, the reporting systems for the results and the feedback mechanisms of the Comprehensive Management Plan.

Some of the most important variables to monitor are:

Mitigation Measures

to environmental impacts at sites.

Generation Indicators

employment (labor force).


of poplar seed.

Chemical Analysis

and bacteriological of the irrigation water (hydrological network).


of harvested wood.


of the forests.


accident rate.

Permanent plots

monitoring at BAVC Santa Delfina.