Forest Management

Forest management is based on the establishment, management, protection and harvesting of forest plantations, under a framework of respect and harmony with the natural and social environment, through compliance with demanding international standards of respect for the environment, socially just and economically viable.

In our case, forest management is mainly focused on poplar, a species that provides us with high quality, homogeneous deblorable roundwood and in sufficient quantity to supply raw materials to our industrial plants that produce the products that the Chilean Company of Matches markets. and Temsa.

Poplar has been selected for our industrial process mainly for the qualities of wood, white color, non-resinous, fast growth and short rotation.


Certification Name Certification Reviews Certified Company Certification Product Where It Applies
Certification FSC® C020209 Forest Management and Chain of Custody Agricultural and Forest Company El Álamo Ltda. Netcom Poplar wood and Eucalyptus