Our Company

About Us

It has 3,200 hectares located in the VII Maule region, where it works under international certifications that prove that all the activities carried out there are responsible for the environment and its social environment.

Its operations include the establishment, management and harvesting of forest and agricultural plantations, among which it stands out for being the largest poplar wood producing company in the country, thus supplying Compañía Chilena de Fósforos S.A., Terciados y Elaboración de Maderas S.A. and El Alamo Foods, all belonging to the Fósforos Group. In addition, from the production of wood, fruits are produced that contribute to the health and well-being of society.


We propose solutions for the current and future problems of people and their environments, having for this a raw material that returns to the earth: wood.


We establish relationships of trust and transparency with our workers, neighbors, clients and other stakeholders. We work responsibly, taking care of the flora and fauna that our forests harbor.


A commitment to quality implies the sustainable management of natural resources and the constant search for a positive impact that benefits both our workers and communities and society. We are one more neighbor.


The doors are open for those who want to know how we work wood and how we preserve the environment, the way we produce and the certifications that guarantee us.